Each property is unique, as each transaction. We have experience in the handling of transactions on both sides of the table of negotiations.

We will guide through all the aspects of the process of residential real estate, from the contract to the closing table, we will make sure that the applicable contracts align their interests completely and we will approach any question that can have.

Or that it is buying or selling a house for the first time, a house of dream, a property of investment or property of short sale, need a lawyer real estate described that has happened through the process and that knows how to walk reason why it could be a full way of pockets.

As part of our services of real estate:

​We negotiated and prepared a contract of transaction or any annex.

We ensure that turns the important dates decided by the parts, like deposits and commitments.

We investigated and solve any problem related to the property title.

We reviewed documents of the condominium and helped with the diligence due.

We prepared writing (s) and other involved excellent documents in the transaction.

We made sure that all the permissions are closed and the municipal certifications obtain from the city or municipality.

We reviewed and explained all documents of closing.

We respond to any question that appears during the course of the transaction.