Don’t IEP Alone. Reasons why you should hire a special education attorney

Individual Educational Plan could be a right solution to your special child

As a parent, you are convinced that educators know what is best for your children. However, it is really the parents who are the experts. If you are a parent of a special needs or learning disabled child, you have or will negotiate with the school district on your child’s behalf. In order to be an effective advocate and negotiator, you need to know about your child’s disability, educational needs and educational progress. But who has the time?

For most parents, this can be a daunting task. With implementation of Common Core, different standardized tests, and new fandangle teaching methods, parents feel out of touch with the current school environment.

I remember walking into my son’s kindergarten classroom and felt anxiety with the overwhelming pieces of artwork hanging from the ceiling and walls and the crazy method of adding and subtracting three digit numbers. I also was perplexed that public schools nowadays don’t teach script or how to diagram sentences. So, if you doubt your ability to effectively advocate or negotiate, you may prefer to hire an educational lawyer rather than wage the fight on your own against the school district.

Some of the reasons that you should consider a special education attorney:

  • The nature and complexity of the case

  • Knows the legal system and the special education process

  • Acts as a barrier or proverbial “bad guy/gal” between you and the school.

  • Knowledge and connection to programs and services in your area that you may not know about.

  • Skilled negotiator and mediator