Naturalization and Citizenship

Anywhere in the world, the citizenship is a distinguishing and universal characteristic of the modern political panorama. Like citizen of the United States, you can benefit from rights and unique obligations that exist between the United States and their citizens.

United States citizenship can be acquired through:

  1. Birth: The American citizenship can be acquired abroad when being born in the United States or having been born, being some of the parents citizen American.

  1. Naturalization: The citizenship of the United States also can be acquired by naturalization, which requires to fill up the N-400 Form, Request of Naturalization and satisfaction of the legal requirements of elegibilidad and documentation with the Service of Citizenship and Immigration of the United States (USCIS, by its abbreviations in English).

  1. Derivation: The children born outside the United States can automatically obtain the citizenship in the United States if some of the parents is citizen of the United States by birth or it becomes naturalized before the boy turns 18 years of age, and other conditioners are fulfilled.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be able to be described for the naturalization, the applicant must be a permanent legal resident (LPR), have at least 18 years of age at the moment for presenting/displaying the request (unless he is free of the age requirements), for fulfilling the requirements of physical presence and is present at continuous, must be a person of good moral character and to fulfill the Selective Registry on watch (if she corresponds).

In addition, the applicant must show commitment with the principles of the Constitution of the United States. This commitment is demonstrated taking an oath from loyalty to the government of the United States and passing a test of history alphabetization and government.

There are certain special types of immigrants who can be elegibles for the accelerated naturalization:

  • The spouses of American citizens can become naturalized after only three (3) years of legal permanent residence (LPR).

  • The permanent resident children legal minors of 18 years that reside in the EE.UU., under the legal and physical safekeeping of padre/s ciudadano/s, can acquire the citizenship of derivativa form.

  • The spouses of outstanding American citizens abroad and members of the Armed Forces and the Body of Sailors of the United States.

Our Legal Services

When you contract the services of this Company/signature to prepare to him and to attend to him with your naturalization, we studied its case to determine if you fulfill the legal requirements of elegibilidad. In addition, we will review its case to detect possible signals of alert, such as:


  • To examine if some penal sentence could prevent him to obtain the citizenship.

  • To determine if any penal sentence or passed behavior, puts to him in risk of being expelled when it asks for the citizenship.

  • To consider the effects of the trips prolonged to the foreigner during the period of residence in the EE.UU.

  • To solve problems of taxes before asking for the citizenship.

  • To determine if some problem of divorce or use threatens the interests of the legal permanent residents whose original visas were based on the marriage or the work.

  • To identify the reasons to demand the citizenship derived or acquired on the basis of the familiar circumstances.

  • To obtain an exemption of the test of citizenship or the requirements of language for greater people of 55 years or that have lived in the EE.UU. for more than 20 years.

  • To obtain an exemption for the applicants who cannot fulfill the educative requirements due to a physical discapacidad or of development or mental impediment.

Process of Awarding of the Naturalization 

The process of awarding of the naturalization begins with the presentation of the request of naturalization, N-400, and the documentation of support. Once presented/displayed, the applicant will be required for a biométrica interview in a center of support for requests of the USCIS.

Naturalization interview experience

Generally, the naturalization interview program is stopped after several months of to have presented/displayed the request. After passing the test of citizenship and the approval of the agency of the naturalization request, the applicant will have to make an oath from loyalty to the government of the United States. The ceremony of oath program he himself day or after the interview.



If has some question on the naturalization request, calls to the 201-379-4040 or through email